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We arrange the job from A to Z

Special transport in the  inside - and  abroad

Exceptional transport in Antwerp

Viaene Takeldienst is the reference for exceptional transport and special transport at home and abroad . We transport goods of individual dimensions safely and flawlessly to their final destination.

At home and abroad

With more than  40 years of experience  we arrange your job from A to Z in exceptional transport. Our team of specialists transports your large vehicles, machines, structures and beams to the final destination without any problems, both nationally and internationally.

Team of specialists

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have the necessary  knowledge  and eye for detail. We assess a situation quickly and accurately and guarantee that everything proceeds according to current regulations.

Arrange exceptional transport or other transport? Entrust your most difficult jobs to our team of specialists. take  Contact  Contact us for expert advice or request a non-binding quote

Viaene Takeldienst

​We tow and tow any vehicle! Contact us without obligation for home and abroad!

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